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Passages (Myriam Catrin)

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Imagine a secret society, existing for centuries, Which answers to no government nor any authority from our world.
A society completely unknown to Mankind.
With the sole purpose of keeping peace with the neighbourhood’ worlds, and safeguarding the gates and paths to ours.

These Paths -called “passages”- form an unseen net in the universe between billion of worlds -some so far away from ours, that it would take dozen of human lifetimes to reach them- and are like synapses connecting neurons in a gigantic overwhelming brain.
This society is The Guilde. A communauty where dragons made a pact with men to form a secret unity. This is their story ...

This collector edition will only have 500 copies and will contain "Passages" book 01 + 10 pages of extra content !

Myriam Catrin is an illustrator and a VFX artist best known for her work on Smaug in “The Hobbit” amongst many other movies (Avatar, Man Of Steel, Wolverine, Fantastic Beasts, Alita, Man Of Steel ...).
The dragon being her muse since an early age, she crafted many stories, concepts and designs around the mythological creature.
“Passages” is her first comic, and first book of a saga more down-to earth that it seems. Well... with dragons.

Language: English
Format: 16,5 X 24 cm - 232 Pages
ISBN: 979-10-93398-17-4
Publisher: Plan9 Entertainment / ARTtitude
Limited print of 500 copies only (first collector edition)
Shipping : June 2019.